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Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher is the Founder of Elevate Legacy – Elevating confidence in your personal and professional wellness. Working in technology for more than 20 years, Paul realized how the long hours, stressful work environment, and lack of focus on his health was affecting him personally and professionally. Paul combines a unique perspective from working in many different environments including traveling 100%, to working on-site with his entire team, as well as working in remote environments. He wants to help you elevate yourself faster than he did so you can be a better leader, inspire your team, and be more present for those you care about most.

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About this course

  • Are you trying to balance working from home with other priorities in your house?
  • Are you looking to develop the confidence to thrive while working from home?
  • Do you want to regain the connections and build better relationships while working from home?
  • Do you want to regain your energy and feel at your peak while working at home?

Work @ Home Wellness Course OnDemand - Plus

Whether you are completely new to working from home or have been doing so for many years, I am certain that you are facing new challenges and can benefit from taking steps to improve yourself both personally and professionally.  The Work @ Home Wellness Course puts a focus on you first because you need to feel your best to be at your best.  The course also provides insight and new tools for building strong relationships while working from home.  

Many organizations have proven the capability and benefits for both the employee and the organization in implementing a long-term work from home strategy.  Now is the time to think differently about how you are working from your home to elevate yourself and be a super star in your organization.  

Your OnDemand Tuition includes the following benefits:

  • Self-guided training course to take at your own pace
  • Monthly live, virtual instructor-led sessions
  • 30+ page Personal Wellness Journal
  • Roadmap to take action toward improving your experience working from home
  • Lifetime access to the Work @ Home Wellness Course
  • Interactive community to share ideas and support each other
  • Option to add two hours of one-on-one mentorship. Please CLICK HERE to add this option and we will contact you to coordinate your coaching experience. The tuition with coaching is $497.00.